Best of travel panoramas 2015 to 2017.

Portugal / Alentejo beaches - 02/2017

> February is a perfect month to get OUT of Berlin. Southern Europe isn't really hot either but you get the first impression of how spring will smell. And there is always some green and sun. But what's best is that it feels like visiting the tourists spots in a strange 'backstage' mode. Almost no people at the seaside, empty beaches and people painting empty houses in fresh white. 

2: Praia dos Alteirinhos / 3: Praia de Odeceixe

Italy / Puglia - 10/2016

> Puglia. The most southern spot in Italy is our favourite destination at the moment. And we found a holiday house there that is just more you could ever ask for. We have been there two times now for almost a month last year to live and work and it has been hard to leave this 'home'. It's this garden on a 8 square km wide property in an old olive grove that you see from the window when you wake up in the morning. What else do you need? Thanks, James and Amber!

Germany / Brandenburg / Borg - 04/2016

> The flat land of the Mark Brandenburg with all the space and lakes, sleepy little villages and farm houses is a rather underestimated destination. If you look for fresh air, tranquility and the smell of German countryside this is just the right place. 

Italy / Puglia / Lecce - 01/2016

> Getting bored by Tuskany and Florence? Visit Lecce and the Pugla region! Lecce is a beautiful baroque city and the capital of the region. It's famous for it's soft sandstone. And they made a lot of amazing stuff out of it in the last couple of centuries. I really love this city and their almond pastries. Make sure to visit the stunning cementary (Pic 3) and my favourite restaurant for lunch 'Osteria Il Poeta Contadino' at Piazza Castromediano Sigismondo (Pic 2). The perfect place to sit outside in January to enjoy the amazing Puglian kitchen and get a small sunburn.

Spain / Mallorca - 06/2015

> Germans favourite holiday destination. It really is a beauty. You just have to know where to go and where not to go. There are so many beautiful and different beaches and beautiful villages in the inner country and the mountains. I just chose this picture because it kind of sums up the style of the landscape of the island. And a picture of the garden of the house we rented via airbnb. A very nice Finca in the middle of fields of almond trees, figs and citrons. 

Italy / Lago di Como - 05/2015

> Without words. Ask George Clooney.

Sardegna / Round trip - 04 to 05/2015

> We made a round trip on Sardegna for around 4 weeks in the spring of 2015.  After landing in Olbia (upper east coast) we drove straith to the west coast to our first rental. A small holiday house somewhere in the middle of the Macchia of a nature reserve at the ocean (Pic 1). After exploring the villages and the coastline around for almost 2 weeks and a few cold April nights, we headed towards Cagliari, the capital of the island. A very nice city extending over serveral levels from the harbor area to the old town on the hilltop.  After another 5 days we took the breathtaking panorama route SS125 from Cagliari through the mountains up to the 'Costa Smeralda' with a few stops inbetween (Cala Gogone, Oresei etc.). This landscape is amazing and fun to drive in case you like curves (Pic 2). Arriving in our secluded house at the Golfo Aranci - a bit below the very fancy area of Porto Cervo - it finally became warmer and we had another two sunny weeks to enjoy the beautiful emerald coast (Pic 4) and the even more stunning nature of the small island 'La Maddalena' (Pic 5). 

Finland / Oulu & Helsinki - 04/2015

> Since we are a half Finish studio and family we are up north once in a while. Once you have been up there you understand the rather layed back way of life of Scandinavians.

Italy / Valle de Itria - 01/2015

> The first time down in southern Italy. Now we have been already there 4 times in two years. But mostly further down to Lecce and below. This here is in the Itria valley. the home of the Trulli houses, white cities and an amazing kitchen. We went there for new years and rented one of these very cosy old stone houses (Trulli) via airbnb. This turned out to become a small adventure. When we woke up on 31st of december, we had over a meter of fresh snow in front of the window. First real snow in the area since 25 years we heard later (Pic 1 + 2 - the house and the garden in the morning). The whole region shut down systems. We didn't had energy, warm water and so on. No cars driving.  Outside was pretty though. Snow and sun. But in the early evening nothing had changed. So we hab to pack our things and our 1 year old son and walk (try to walk in 1 meter of snow) to the next Masseria (hotel in an old manor - Pic 3+4) through the olive groves. A very nice old lady received us and gave us a cosy, warm room. There was supposed to be a new years dinner party for 40 people in the old monks dining hall. Now we were the only guests. We had a wonderful new years eve with amazing food and wine in an amazing location and a nice lady playing tag with our little boy. Adventures can turn out great. End of story.