Kunde / Client:
Kahla Thüringen

Jahr / Year:

Bereiche / Fields of activity:
Concept / Brand architecture
Material / Color / Furniture design
3D Visualization

Partner / Cooperation with:
Mark Bendow , Christian Rakautz
Marten Messe Management



> We developed this exhibition design for Kahla in cooperation with designer mark Bendow and interior architect Christian Rakautz. It was initially planned for the Ambiente in Frankfurt. The heart of the concept is the reusability and modularity of the construction. Usually, exhibition stands tend to end up in a garbage container after just a few trade fair days. A waste of material, money and not a really environmentally friendly. This design is made to be build up for at least five years due to its modular construction. Moreover, the elements can be arranged for smaller scales in other locations. The construction is build of almost 100% recyclable materials as wood, linoleum, glass, and metal. The supporting construction frame can be leased for the period of the exhibition.