Kunde / Client:
Willer Sanitär + Heizung GmbH

Jahr / Year:

Bereiche / Fields of activity:
Identity / CD
Stationary Design




> Spazio W is the concept store and showroom of our client 'Willer Sanitary + Heating'. This is not your common corner shop plumber. We are talking about a 125 years old company with around 50 employees. An innovation leader devoted to matters as sustainability, design for humans and the sociology of habitation.

> We tweaked the identity of the company and developed their corporate communication elements. But a full redo isn't on the table for this generation. The independent identity we developed for the concept store is, however, planned to act as a soft transition. The showroom bundles their core values and interests and serves as a point of contact with the clients. It's the heart of their developing branding. 


> The bright and warm yellow is an attention magnet. Yellow always has been part of the Willer CD, but in a cooler tone and in combination with red and blue. We focus here on one powerful color in a rather monochrome surrounding of concrete, architectural gray, the white of ceramics and valent metal tones. The capital W reduces the regionally well-known company name to a visual striking icon - to a real trademark.