Kunde / Client:
Orange Hat Group
New York / USA

Jahr / Year:

Bereiche / Fields of activity




> This is another project we did in collaboration with our partners of 'Orange Hat Group' from New York. Elettra Wiedemann had this pop-up restaurant concept called 'Goodness' that took place the first time during the Fashion Week in New York in 2013. A fancy location, the best chefs in town and the prettiest host you can ask for. What else to ask for?

> To be right at the forefront of trends, just as the hosts and the guests the concept targeted, we used a parallax effect here for the first time. That was avant-garde for that time. Thanks to the parallax scrolling we were able to create an eye-catching transition from a tall header to the informational part of the page. The food image that makes the parallax is the only colorful element on the site. It instantly tells the story and makes your mouth water. We kept the rest in a gray scaled, clean fashion magazine style with green as a highlight color.