Kunde / Client:
Markus Droste

Jahr / Year:

Bereiche / Fields of activity:
Re-Branding / CI + CD
Print Design



> This family business owned and operated by one of Germanys leading hairstylists runs three salons by now in the second generation. Markus Droste realized that it's time to update the look and feel of the business to keep pace with trends, increasing demands of clients in terms of design and service and his own professional standing. So he gave his flagship salon a complete makeover and asked us to correspondingly modernize the business identity.

> First of all, we changed the name from 'Frisör Droste' (singular form with a 50's appeal to it) to 'Droste Friseure' (plural). On the one hand to correspond to size, aspiration, and modernity of the business and it's owner and to emphasize the importance of the team behind it on the other. 

> On this basis we developed an elegant, light and modern visual identity that preserves the recall value by incorporating elements of the original wordmark. But the new design takes its inspiration from a classy fashion attitude. The frame element reminds of Chanel packagings and the white letters on gray ground communicate sensitivity and elegance. For the vouchers, we chose a quality paper from Fedrigioni with a fine hairline structure and refined all print items by imprinting the signet. Clients should literally feel the sense of details and perfection that is the basis of Markus Droste's work approach.