Kunde / Client:
Minga Berlin Apparel 
München / Munich

Jahr / Year:


Bereiche / Fields of activity
Trend Research
Designs & Colors
AD Image Shoot


> The branding work and collection development for Minga Berlin has been the kind of project we live for. We had our hands on every item and thus were able to create a truly consistent brand identity. Moreover, the client shared our belief in environmentally and socially sustainable production processes in the fashion industry.

> We wanted to make it a real apparel label, to create fashion accessories that can make the difference in an outfit. And we set ourselves high standards for quality, material, sustainability and style. We developed the collection inspired by the latest fashion color trends and striking geometric designs. We settled the look and feel somewhere between high fashion and street style to target multiple groups of buyers. 

> Have a look at the branding and visual identity work for Minga Berlin HERE.